Tran Thi Ly1, Tran Quoc Thang2, Duong Duy Luong3
1 National Lung Hospital
2 Insitute of Community Medicine
3 Department of Medical Service Administration

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Background: A famous hospital manager Joe Jansante said that "It is impossible to have patient’s satisfaction without medical staff’s satisfaction", satisfaction with the work of health workers will ensure that adequate human resources are maintained and improved quality of health services at health facilities. Objective: A systematic review to review research findings on the the satisfaction level and relevant factors, analysis of strengths, weaknesses and deficiencies that need to be supplemented by further studies.

Methods: Systematic review.

Results: Searched and analyzed 25 national studies related to medical staff’s satisfaction. The results show that studies were carried out on many different subjects and locations with  different levels of satisfaction.Conclusion: The satisfaction level of patients is quite high (satisfaction rate is over 50%, average score is over 3.0). Factors with high satisfaction rates include: Relationship with leaders, colleagues (61,3%-88,6%); Opportunities for learning and advancement (55.56%-2.5%) and job position (81.8%-93.3%) . Factors with not high satisfaction rates include: Salary (16.7%-31.11%); Non-salary (25.1%-42.3%); Management mechanism (20.3%); Facilities (23.7% -50.4%) and records (26.8%-40%). Relevant factors: Medical staff satisfaction is not/very little related to demographic factors such as: Age, gender, region of residence. Factors related to the medical staff  satisfaction level include: social relationships and mechanisms for management and operation of the unit.

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