Nguyen Minh Trong1, Pham Ngoc Thach1, Nguyen Truong Giang2, Nguyen Kieu Hung1, Mai Dinh Cuu1, Hoang Manh Ha1
1 National Hospital For Tropical Diseases
2 National Hospital For Tropical Disease

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Inflammatory pseudotumor of the liver (IPTL) is a rare benign lesion characterized
by chronic infiltration of inflammotory cells and an areas of fibrosis that sometimes
mimics a malignant lesion, first reported by Pack and Baker in 1953. The etiology
and pathogy still remain unknown. Clinical and laboratory features are not specific.
The treatment attitude is still controversial. We report 3 cases of IPTL who were
treated surgically with preoperative diagnosis of ruptured liver abscess or a malignant
liver tumor. The postoperative patient was safe and the pathological results were
inflammotory pseudotumor of the liver. Conclusion: IPTL is a benign lesion that
can be confused with other diagnoses of the liver. The treatment of choice is still
surgical resection, and this is especially true for patients with severe symptoms
or an indeterminate diagnosis.

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