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Extramedullary Hematopoiesis (EMH) is the expansion of stem cells, hematopoietic
progenitor cells and their differentiation outside the bone marrow. This condition occurs
as a compensatory mechanism for the ineffective hematopoiesis of the bone marrow.
Pathological EMH is triggered by hematopoietic disorders and other pathological
stress conditions, such as infections, malignant tumor, anemia, and metabolic
disorders. Pathological EMH has been reported to occur in many organs, and sites
of pathological EMH may be involved in reactivation of embryonic hematopoietic
structures in these organs. Pathological EMH has been extensively studied in recent
years. In particular, pathological EMH caused by end-stage malignancy contributes
to tumor immunosuppression. Thus, a deeper understanding of the mechanism of
pathological EMH could be beneficial for the development of therapies against tumor
development processes.
We report a rare case of an extramedullary hematopoietic tumor in the mediastinum,
diagnosed by histopathology, for reference to colleagues.

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